Have you ever heard the X story? 

December 3, 2019 By Story Comments Off

Well, we advise you to stop doing whatever it is you are doing and dwell into the magnificent story that this very important variable has to tell you.

X was born in 1637. Its father was Rene Descartes, initially giving birth to a child, which would constantly be in search of its meaning. 

Sad, right? Ever since its birth, it was representing the unknown. 

X was condemned to being everything at the same time as being nothing… 

Over the centuries, X was in a constant struggle of not being constant. 

Up until 2017, when it found its home with a group of enthusiastic people, willing to popularize their country, as well as provide people with a certain service that they were definitely in need of.

This was a group of people, who already had a constant: they wanted to provide those in need of any transportation around Georgia, with the most flexible service as possible. Thus, X and this group was a match made in heaven.

Since their encounter, X and the team embarked on a very fantastic journey: Not only did they provide people in Georgia, with each transportation form (sedans, minivans, minibuses, mid buses, buses – all both luxury and economy classes) as a new, profitable business, but they set an inside goal of being the most customer oriented brand in the whole country.

Thus, the X story is NOT getting to an end. As any inspirational story of exploring oneself’s virtue and achieving its divine purpose, X has finally found its meaning and its place.

Its not an unknown variable anymore. Its among the very known and important services of taking people from one place to another, with the least problems, yet the most comfort and safety.

It became a known variable, identifying itself as the people, who prioritize their customers’ needs and are as flexible as ever to let them give birth to the new, inspirational stories.

X is incomparable. 

You need a journey to write your own story? X is here to help you get one.

As travel is the most valuable thing we, the people, will ever do with our lives, what would better help us, than the unknown variable, that has achieved being known?

We try not to brag, but our story speaks for itself. 

So, our story does not end here. You can become a part of it. You can even create your own story with it.

Finally, as the Georgian saying goes: The plague is there, the joy is here (ah, it does not sound as optimistic as the Georgian version, go check it out too), the bran is there, X is here.